A “new” Path

Come on – honestly – who has not yet experienced these phenomenas:

  • You think of a dear friend of yours and, shortly thereafter, this person calls you
  • Your neighbor has green fingers: his roses seem to bloom even more beautiful than yours and last longer – despite the fact that you bought the seedlings in the same market
  • Your dog always seems to know in advance, when you are coming home – and this even if you are returning at different times of the day

My quest to understand the context of these (and other) phenomena better, had lead me to some extraordinary people quite some years ago. And from there it was a small step to instrumental biocommunication with Quantec©. I was able to witness many exciting results that have changed my view of the world. To those of you interested: all I can say is “quantum physics”. Ever since the past century it has shaken the foundation of our existence and has turned physicists to philosophers. But why is this so?

The most important conclusion: matter is in fact mostly non-material and it seems as if there is a mental principle governing it. To illustrate this: looking at the classical atom-model in Physics and Chemistry, the atom at the very bottom of it is consisting of a core and an electron-shell. Think of it as a little solar-system: the core is represented by the sun and the surrounding planets would be the electrons. The astonishing fact now is, what lies in between: well, nothing! The far greatest part of this mini-solar-system consists of “nothing”. In other words: for most of it, matter consists of “nothing”. Still, we can see and feel matter. But what is holding this matter, this “nothing”, together? What is the force, the power behind this? And how is that related to this page? I will come back to these questions in my next posts. But here is this much: not all questions have a clear answer.

Until then, sincerely,


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